Dec 22, 2012

Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet

About a week ago, I gave you guys a teaser of a Louis Vuitton purchase I got for my Christmas/Birthday present.  The reveal is finally here, sorry for the wait!  I bought the Zippy Wallet in Damier Ebene :) I've wanted a LV wallet for the longest time and I think this was a nice year to treat myself as I have officially completed my internship requirements for my business program!  Yay!

These pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  Sturdy craftsmanship, beautiful gold detailing and the perfect size for people who like to keep a lot of stuff in their wallet.  I didn't think I would need to utilize all the compartments, but I find it an excellent way to sort my receipts, cheques, bills, rewards/gift cards and more!  Hope this review was helpful for those also interested in getting this wallet :) If you want to see a video review and unboxing, ashxl of Youtube has the best one.


  1. So pretty<3

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  2. ilove it! looks gorgeous!

    merry christmas hun!

  3. classic :) and cool one :)

  4. ahhh this is so gorgeous! and you totally deserve it.. what a beauty!! i love LV wallets.. they are so durable and so chic!